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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Locksmith service works?

Locksmith service refers to the job that is related to the leys and lock systems as well as safety instruments for your properties and belongings. Usually, the jobs include repair of keys and locks, emergency lockouts, duplication and rekeying of keys. Locksmith services are not just limited to the said services, it also provides service that are related to special safety installations, commercial and electronic safes, and everything that is related to the safety of your offices, homes, safes as well as you other belongings.

Why should I hire professional and skilled Locksmith?

Company, such as Universe Locksmith, who has the skilled and professional locksmith, can ensure you with the good and amazing experience regarding safes, locks and security issues. They are better prepared in solving any of your keys and lock issues.

Only the professionals can guarantee you with the use of the latest tools and best of kind technologies in solving certain security problems wherein an unskilled locksmith might possibly messed up or create problems, in which you do not want likely to happen. Once you hire locksmiths from the credible and professional locksmith companies expect that you will have the quality service you deserve.

Why and when do I need to rekey my office or home locks?

Rekeying of any of your properties is important in times you need any of the following situations:

  • Someone steal your keys, meaning your belongings and properties are no longer safe to place where keys are lost.
  • Rekeying your home or office is necessary when you are purchasing a new, wherein you are not sure how many keys the property owner makes.
  • If you have had an employee change, you need to ensure that no one has the duplicate keys, if you weren’t, it is better to rekey your office for the safety and security of the properties you have in your office.
Do you offer deals and discounts?

Definitely yes, we in Universe Locksmith will be happy and glad to offer and give discounts. Just let us know if what type of security solution you will need. We are offering free estimates via personal visit or over phone, based on your own preference.

What kind of rekeying service do locksmith provides?

Rekeying service refers to the process of replacing the pins in the existing lock cylinder for the fitting as well as working of the new keys. After we do the rekeying service, your old keys can no longer be used.

Would it be possible if I want to get the same key for all the locks I have?

Well, if you want and the brand of all your locks is the same, yes it is possible! You just have to check if the common keys will go inside all the locks although it does not turn or open the lock. This happens if you have the same locks, if not, you will have to buy new common locks to get the same keys for all your locks.

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